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Loved by all

Fun: 4/5
Replay Value: 4.5/5
Assembly & Instructions: 5/5
- By TimetoPlayMag

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360° Brand Presence

Idea to Release

Bridging the gap between the
real world and the virtual world with its
unique cross promotion game strategy
- Imagability Inc.

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Merging Art with

Made possible with our custom built engines.


over 10 Platforms

Certified Developer for PS4 and XBOX One

We love ART..

So we believe in bringing it to LIFE...

-- About

-- About --

We Love Games. From Now On, So You Do!

TAGS' primary focus is to create help its clients build their brand presence through videogames by providing 360° exposure on all the gaming platforms . TAGS' track record in creating hit game properties coupled with a library of game ideas gives it a competitive advantage in rapidly building hit branded gaming products.
TAGS is one of those few studio whose team has developed games on all the possible gaming platforms. Led by industry veteran and backed by smartest 50+ team, TAGS has its presence in San Francisco and Hyderabad, India. TAGS has extensive knowledge of making memorable and engaging games which are technically and graphically outstanding.
We bring experience, drive, and a track record of successes in mobile game development to every project we work. All the games TAGS has designed so far are from start to finish i.e. right from taking the customer’s idea to make it a full-fledged game design document to releasing the game.
TAGS has worked for some of the top names in the business, both in entertainment business and brands.


Our gaming teams have deep experience in everything from off-the-shelf 2D and 3D game engines like Cocos2D, Marmalade, Unity and Unreal, to have our own in-house custom engine. Most of our talent comes from a background of using highly optimized technologies and still making sure high quality visuals because of our background in simulators.
TAGS has extensive experience developing mobile games on iOS, Android, Windows Phone. We develop with a focus on performance while keeping our code maintainable and working to the strengths of whatever platforms you wish to target. Cross-platform compatibility is something we’re extremely comfortable with, having created numerous games with both portable and platform-specific code that leverages the strengths of each platform the game is published on.
TAGS has experience on developing web, PC, PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo and streaming boxes too.


TAGS prides itself in its creative execution and ability to bring your characters and games to life. With artists specializing in everything from comic-style 2D art to photorealistic 3D models, to animation, we create and execute art that makes each game beautiful, distinctive and unforgettable.

Going Forward

Today’s games are no longer one-off products that are launched and forgotten; they’re products that grow and mature, continuously enticing new players to discover and enjoy while rewarding existing users for their purchase. Once your game is released, our production staff will work with you to plan updates and future upgrades that help grow a game’s audience and extend its life as a viable product.


***Alphaman Review |

Alphaman might be billed as an app that will help children build their vocabulary, but it’s a game that will appeal to all ages. It’s a pleasurable trip I don’t mind taking a few more times down the road.
@ Arcadesushi

Fun: 4/5, Replay Value: 4.5/5, Assembly & Instructions: 5/5

What I liked the most is that not only is this fun for the kids, it's fun for adults too. In Alphaman, players will have hours of endless, educational fun as they explore with Alphaman across eleven different maps such as Classic, Garden, Fire, Alien Spaceship and more to find letters and earn rewards for correctly spelling the words. This is an interesting take to retro style game with innovative pickups like bomb to explode all enemies at once, portal to take your character to next letter, speed boosters and Super Alphapower. Players can pick up Alphapowers to combat the evil zombie enemies and advance to the next map. There are more than 10 maps and each maze has over 100 words related to the maze.

-- Team

-- Team --

Creative Director
Chief Architect


Don't stop with a dream...

make it REAL with a GAME!!

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-- Contact --

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